SNAPS Webinars

Logo for the SNAPS Webinar series consisting of the text SNAPS with the A replace by the image of a camera tripod, with a teal rectangle with rounded corners below it containing dark green text - Webinar Series.

The SNAPS webinar series provide brief (20-30 minutes) presentations on an array of topics. They are skills-focused, with concise key objectives or takeaways. Each SNAP also includes additional resources for participants to access further information.

Overview of the National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center

Presenter: Angela Moreland, Ph.D.

This SNAP webinar will:

  • provide background about the development of the NMVVRC
  • identify and access the resources offered by the NMVVRC
  • describe our partners
  • identify technology and other resources available following mass violence incidents

Helping Children and Teens Manage Trauma and Grief Following an MVI

Presenter: Rochelle F. Hanson, Ph.D.

This SNAP webinar will:

  • describe the impact of mass violence on youth
  • describe strategies to help youth in the after of an MVI