NMVC Support Services

NMVC support services aim to:

  1. Empower local providers to offer evidence-based interventions to victims of mass violence.
  2. Offer services directly to victims of mass violence, when local providers are not available.

To receive more information about the services described below, or to set up services in your community, please complete our contact form.

One-day Trainings

These brief trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of your community. Trainings could include an overview of trauma, the impact of trauma, and evidence-based interventions.

Learning Collaboratives

These include more extensive multi-day training and consultation for clinicians, victim service providers, and/or other brokers of care. Learning collaboratives provide training in trauma-focused, empirically-based interventions, and part of this training MAY include guidance on fostering multidisciplinary partnerships in the community.

Broward County Public Schools Learning Collaborative: Final Report


Real-time discussion with mental health providers to advise on treatment planning and relevant resources as they provide evidence-based treatment to victims of mass violence.


Regular, real-time supervision provided to mental health providers who are learning evidence-based interventions most relevant to treating victims of mass violence. Supervision can include session-by-session consultation throughout the entirety of treatment, or just during specific components of the treatment.

Telemental Health

This service is available to some states for situations where there are no mental health providers to serve victims, or services are extremely limited. We always want to empower local providers, but when there are no local providers available, telehealth delivered by our team is an option.


***Note: for some states, it may be necessary to activate the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) process through your governor’s office, which allows an individual licensed in one state to offer relevant services in another state. EMAC activation is typically used in natural disasters, but can be activated when there is a distinct need and no available local resources.

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