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The NMVC has developed the Transcend NMVC mobile app to assist with recovery from the psychological and behavioral response that can occur following direct or indirect exposure to mass violence incidents. Although the app was developed specifically for mass violence victims, people exposed to other types of stressful events are also likely to find the strategies and techniques in the app to be useful in their recovery, as well.

We developed this free app to help those who have been affected by mass violence. Designed to help reduce the risk of developing problems and enhance recovery if you already have problems, Transcend NMVC:

  • Provides information about common reactions to mass violence, crime, and other highly stressful events.
  • Guides you through state-of-the-art self-help strategies to reduce the risk of stress-related behavioral health problems and promote recovery if you already have problems.
  • Connects you with access to victim/survivor services, financial, legal, and mental health resources.

Is the Transcend NMVC app just for survivors of mass violence? The app was designed for those directly affected by mass violence and their families and friends, but it may also be useful for:

  • Victim service providers, law enforcement officials, other first responders and health care professionals who respond to mass violence incidents, mass casualty incidents, or other violent crimes
  • Others in communities that have experienced mass violence
  • Violent crime victims and their family or friends
  • Anyone who had an extremely stressful experience with which they are having trouble coping

What topics are covered? Transcend offers written explanations, active exercises, and animated videos that highlight strategies to help reduce stress and mental health difficulties for mass violence survivors. Topics include:

  • About - An overview of common reactions to mass violence and paths to recovery.
  • Calm Your Body - Highlights the impact of mass violence on your body and provides ways to promote relaxation, sleep and physical well-being.
  • Ease Your Mind - Explains how mass violence can affect the way you think and strategies to ease your stressed mind.
  • Get Up and Move - Explains the importance of remaining active and involved with others, while also helping to generate ideas for re-engaging with people and the world around you.
  • Cope with Loss - Provides coping strategies and activities to help those who are grieving a loss.
  • Reach Out - Highlights the role of social support in recovery and walks through personal strategies you can use to increase your social support network as you recover.
  • Help Others - Provides information and strategies about how to help survivors of mass violence.
  • Get Help Now – Provides information about accessing victim, financial, and legal assistance. This section can also help you get immediate help or connect you with a therapist in your area.

How do I get started? Once you create your account, you can get started in one of two ways:

  • The “Personalized Recovery Plan” option: If you select the “Personalized Recovery” plan option, you will be asked to complete a brief assessment. You can complete this assessment immediately, come back to it later, or skip it altogether. When you complete the assessment, the app generates a recovery plan that addresses your specific needs. Then, just follow the plan that is recommended for you.
  • The “Explore on Your Own” Option: You can also choose to navigate the app on your own. If you opt out of the assessment, you will go to the main dashboard to explore what’s most interesting to you.


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Transcend NMVC

Transcend is available for free for both iOS and Android from their respective app stores.

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